Orphaned America

by Rachel Ashworth


My America broke

today. My Independence

is no longer a Day celebrated—fourth

of July is a chipped picnic

plate, a firework that forgets to explode.

Riding bicycles on the street, calling

kids to play, holding hands

with a black or an Asian because

she’s been bullied, and I’ve

been bullied. Now we don’t follow

each other home to see we make

it safe, to see we go inside, to see

we made it

before the streetlights shone.

Under the weight of broken

people, under the hope of broken

dreams, under the piles of broken

promises. My America is a broken

home, and Mom and Dad have broken

vows, and we all live in a box of



Created: January 22, 2017

Age: 30

State: Missouri


Rachel Ashworth is a freelance writer, mother of three boys whom she homeschools, a Christian, and proud wife of a military veteran. She lives together with her family in a country cabin in rural Missouri.