Reaction of a 7th Grader

by Nate Gonzalez


When Trump was elected, I wasn’t very surprised. All presidents in the past besides Obama were white men and I didn’t think it would change this time by gender instead of race. Trump was a big business man and was trusted by many people. Also his reputation with many of the U.S. states are very good for the most part. His ideas and and thoughts on what he’ll do as president were decent but not excellent. He could have made a better slogan because America wasn’t great because we are always trying to get better and always making big mistakes. So how would we make America great again if it was never great in the first place? But on the bright side at least he isn’t thinking of doing anything out of the ordinary. So if Trump wanted to be the President of the United States then he should have at it with all his might and be the best president that he can be.


Created: March 3, 2017

Age: 13

State: New York