Kickstarter Goal ACHIEVED!

As of yesterday, our Kickstarter project is 144% funded. 

I am elated to announce that States of the Union is fully funded.  This project is going to happen.  I cannot express just how amazing that is.

I couldn't ignore all of the polarization and opposition surrounding this election.  In order to understand how we got here, I wanted to attempt to grasp the fuller picture. I would ask WHY people supported Trump. Instead of asking people why they hate Trump, I would ask how they feel and are affected by his election. The only way I saw a path forward was to comprehend each perspective. Or, at least try to hear from as many voices from as many ages, places, and mindsets as possible. That's when I came up with the idea of States of the Union. After telling a few friends and getting their support, it grew. And grew. And grew. And is still growing. This book project is REAL and has become so, so much bigger than myself.

This project has given me the ability to provide a platform...for everybody. EVERYBODY has thoughts on the election and, no matter what they are, I want to know them. I want to be open. I want to allow a place for your opinion to be heard, because so much of this election was about people thinking they were silenced or unheard and so much of the aftermath is the same.

I am grateful for the love and support people have shown for me and my project. I am grateful for the incredible team helping me. I am grateful for the INSANE AMOUNT OF SUBMISSIONS from people from ALL OVER of ALL DIFFERENT points of view. I CANNOT get over it. I am grateful for the ability to put together this collection. This book has granted me the opportunity to widen my perspective and for that, I am eternally changed for the better.

This book, in EVERY possible sense, could not be possible without YOU. Without your donations, your submissions, your encouragement this would be nothing. None of this would exist. Thank you. Truly. Thank you. I will make this book the best book possible. Thank you for believing in me, in my project, in America, and in the power of words.


-Michaela Papa

Founder of States of the Union