A Reaction To The Election of Donald J. Trump

by Kyle Bostrom



America sings a




The squash-toned

chief executive of the United States of America:

a division of the Trump Organization

waggles stubby fingers and uses words—

the best words—but just locker room talk

to float a bullshit raft down the rugged Potomac

over critical character concerns, questioning divestment,

releasing tax returns, and relevant experience

a sharp turn right

onto Pennsylvania ave

about three million short

but hey, who’s counting?





a brief tour of the White House kitchen:


cabinets reminiscent of kitchen

cabinets full of nepotistic-cronyism


brilliantly white,

as you’d imagine

sparkling almost

with familiarly fake

faces all smiles and radically right

in their convictions:

that Roe v. Wade suppressed State’s rights ¹

or that—to the Senator from Connecticut—

guns are needed in schools to protect

from vicious grizzly attacks ²

or that America is at war with Islam ³

and it makes sense that the cabinets hang crooked

don’t open and can’t hold weight

because the structure—

walls through to foundation

is crooked, unstable, and entirely inept.


¹ Sessions, AG

² DeVos, Sec. Edu.

³ Mattis, Sec. Def.




Created: January 20, 2017

Age: 21

State: Rhode Island