Writing a Letter

by Finley Clough


“Ali! Where are you?” Ali’s mom called up the steps.

“I’m in my room writing a letter,” Ali said pausing. Ali’s mom came into the doorway.

“Who are you writing to?” Mrs. Grover asked reading over her shoulder.

“It’s to Mr. Trump," Ali replied, signing her name.

“Mr. Trump! Why don’t you read it to me and Daddy before you send it?" Mrs. Grover said as she glanced at some of the words.

“That’s great! I will read it at the dinner table,” Ali said folding the letter in thirds. At the

dinner table that night Ali read her parents the letter.

“Dear Mr. Trump, my parents are really happy that you are the new president. They

can’t wait for you to get rid of Obamacare! I stayed up all night to see who got

elected. I didn’t do the math, but I think you beat Hillary by a lot of votes. Hillary

gave a good fight but, she still lost. I hope you will make more jobs in America.

Please, make America great again! I know it is hard to run the country but don’t

forget your family, even your grandchildren. You will do a lot for this country. Thank

you for being our president!

Ali Grover, Williamsburg, Virginia.”

Ali’s parents were surprised she wrote such a long letter. “So what do you think?” Ali

asked folding the letter back up again.

“It’s great! You did a really good job,” Mr. Grover said as he looked at his amazing daughter.

“Thank you,” Ali said as she slid the letter into an envelope. Ali put a postage stamp and her address.

“Don’t forget to put on Mr. Trump’s address,” Mrs. Grover said taking the pen from Ali.

“Oh! Thank you for reminding me,” Ali said as her mother wrote it on. The next day Ali put it in the mailbox. “Bye, bye! Get to the president," Ali said to the letter as she closed the door.


Created: January 15, 2017

Age: 11

State: Pennsylvania


Finley Clough is eleven years old. She is home schooled and loves writing stories. She has written about seven stories and hasn't been published before.