by R. Bremner



You did it, babe!

Take your victory lap, Jersey girl!

When the pundits and poohbahs positively stated, “he can’t win,”

you drew a deep breath, dug in your heels and worked harder.

Harder and oh, so much smarter than your rivals!

You were hardly the ”blonde bimbo”

they thought they could push around.

When Chuck Todd and Victor Blackwell and

Andrea Mitchell and especially Randi Kaye

mocked your straight ahead, right on answers

to their sarcastic, sycophantic jibes,

your razor intellect cut their legs

right out from under

their pompous posturing!

And after the election

instead of congrats and hugs for you

that you so deserved,

those creeps, whom Wikileaks exposed

for their hate of Catholics, coal miners, and the whole

working class had the incredible gall and bad taste

to accuse you of racism and sexism.


The first woman campaign manager

to ever win a presidential election!

You became a beacon to women everywhere!

With an oaf of a candidate who shot himself in

the foot everyday! Well, you straightened out

the rifle and showed him how to aim!

While they were running up big leads in

California and New York, you focused like

a laser on the struggling Midwest, and the needs

of the suffering folks there.

Yeah, you, from working class folks in Camden,

and Trinity College and George Washington U.

beat the pants off the Yalies and the Harvard Crimson!

Kellyanne, the good Irish Catholic girl

who don’t take no shit from nobody!

Jersey girl, you make me proud of my home!

You go, girl!


Created: January 1, 2017

Age: 64

State: New Jersey


R. Bremner, of Glen Ridge via Lyndhurst, NJ, USA, writes of dead kings and many things he can’t define, incense, peppermints, and the color of time. Ron was in the first issue of Passaic Review, along with Allen Ginsberg, and has since appeared in International Poetry Review and dozens of other literary journals. You can find his inexpensive eBooks You are once again the stranger, Poems for the Narrow, Stories of Love and Hate, and Kerouac Dreams, Kerouac Visions at Amazon, BN, Lulu, and Smashwords.